Cancellation of browser notifications

Browser notifications let you know about our new offers, blogs and other events in our store.

In this guide, we tell you how to turn off our shop's browser notifications from your browser.

Why am I receiving notifications? We ask permission to show ads from visitors to our store. Below you can see what the request looks like. The request may look slightly different on different browsers and devices, but it works the same way. So you have made our notification visible by pressing the "Allow" button.
To turn off our notifications, follow the instructions below.
1. Open our page on the device and browser from which you want to remove notifications.

Mozilla browser on a computer:

2. Deactivation is so easy on a computer with the Mozilla browser. Click on the "Controller" icon and turn off notifications from the view that opens (see the image below).
Ready! Read below how to do it on the phone in the Chrome browser.

Chrome browser on smartphone:

2. Press the "Page is fully protected" logo
2. Click on "Usage rights" / "Permissions" / "Permissions" (the title depends on the browser/language of your device).
3. Click on "Notifications" / "Notifications".
4. Turn off notifications from the menu.
5. Done. Notifications are now turned off :)