Raw materials

The raw materials of our SuMilayi products

SuMilayi hair care products are handmade in Finland.

SuMilayi Leave-in

SuMilayi Leave-in conditioner is the first hair care product in our product family, which has become a perennial favorite among our customers. The main ingredients of our leave-in conditioner are Shea butter and avocado and castor oil. Shea butter is famous for its hair conditioning and protective properties. Avocado and castor oil contain many useful nutrients and many vitamins such as A, B, D and E. Avocado oil strengthens hair and restores shine to lifeless hair. Castor oil is known for accelerating hair growth.

  • Shea Butter: Contains vitamins A and E. Shea butter is a powerful moisturizing and protective ingredient against external pollution.
  • Avocado oil: Nourishing oil for your hair. Avocado oil is rich in vitamins A, B, D, E and essential fatty acids. Clears hair and moisturizes. This ingredient is great for dry and lifeless hair.
  • Vitamin B: Promotes shine, softness and detangling of your hair.
  • Lavender essential oil : Soothes your scalp and hair.

Ooh So Soft Curls product line

The Ooh So Soft Curls product line has been developed to take care of your hair holistically. As the main raw materials of our product line, we use Aloe Vera juice, grape seed oil and orange peel oil. Together, these ingredients care for and moisturize your hair up to your scalp. Especially suitable for those who want more moisture in their hair and an effective and high-quality hair care routine.

  • Aloe Vera juice: Moisturizes, cares for and smoothes hair pores. It seals, moisturizes and strengthens damaged hair.
  • Grape seed oil: Increases moisture, stimulates hair growth and reduces hair tangling.
  • Orange peel oil: Strengthens the hair sheath, reduces hair breakage, creating shine and volume in your hair.