The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why does the composition of the product look different from the same product I previously ordered?

Our products are handmade and we use natural and organic ingredients. Because of this, the composition or smell of the ingredients may vary slightly.

How ecological are the products?

The raw materials of our products are 90-100% of natural origin. 2-10% of the product contains preservatives to guarantee the preservation of the product.

How long do your products last?

12-24 months after opening the product packaging.

Where are SuMilayi products made?

We make our products in Helsinki, Finland. However, we are an international company and we want you to be able to contact us, no matter where you live in the world!

How much does delivery cost?

The average delivery cost within Finland is €6.90. As a small business, we have limited opportunities to influence postage and delivery costs. We try to offer free shipping in Finland whenever possible and we are looking for dealers around the world so that the shipping costs for our customers would be reduced to a minimum.

My order was returned to you and I would like a resend. How did I act?

Posti will keep your order for 7 days, after which it will be returned to us. If you want your order sent to you again, please contact us at or Whatsapp +358 44 9783105.


Deliveries to Finland are free of charge with a standard postal package when you order at least 55 euros. Home delivery for purchases over €65 €7.80.

Postal parcel delivery costs €6.90 when purchases are less than €55.

Delivery takes 3-8 business days after the order has been delivered for Posti to transport.

Europe (outside of Finland)

We deliver our SuMilayi products all over Europe. Delivery takes 5-10 business days and costs between €8-27.

International delivery

USA, Canada and the rest of the world

The delivery fee is 18-45€. Delivery takes 5-15 business days.