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Pure, plant-based hair care that makes your hair flourish!

Who are we?

We are a Finnish brand whose goal is to make people with curly hair fall in love with their hair. Sumilayi focuses on providing effective products for curly and damaged hair.

Our product. <3

The key phrase in our product development is "Curly hair needs extra nourishing love". With this in mind, we've researched the purest and highest quality ingredients to find the perfect blend and develop formulas full of nutrition that will make your hair thrive.

As a result, we have at our disposal the highest quality natural and synthetic plant-based ingredients. Our products are vegan, not tested on animals, and do not have the drying effect of alcohol and silicones. They are effective, easy to use and make you feel wonderful.

We are sure that with the love we have given to our products, we will help people say goodbye to dry hair and enjoy a wonderful curl.

Our products are approved for the Curly Girl Method.


Consumer and environmental health are our primary goals; we here at Sumilay love curly hair and Mother Nature. We create high quality products using as many natural ingredients as possible. Using pure and sustainable natural extracts, we help both men and women achieve healthier hair.

We believe that all hair can be beautiful; this is where Sumilayi stands out. Sumilayi was created to help those who have almost given up their stubborn, frizzy and unmanageable hair. We want you to start enjoying your hair and feeling beautiful every day. You deserve it!

We believe in ingredient transparency; you have the right to know what your product contains. Here is the list of ingredients we use in our products (see the list here);

We want to hear from you; We are grateful to have the most loyal customers, Followers and ambassadors around the world.

When you, as a customer, share your experience with us, you help us always do our best. You also encourage those who are still struggling with their hair to go ahead and try Sumilayi products for better hair days. Let's spread the love together!

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