Esittelyssä kampaaja Priscilla Mmari, Your Mojo

Introducing hairdresser Priscilla Mmari, Your Mojo

Interview with hairstylist Priscilla Mmari, Your Mojo

Hair artist Priscilla Mmari is a long-time professional whose skillful hands are trusted by several customers who enjoy their curly hair in Helsinki.

I'm a hair artist. I have been working with afro and curly hair for the past 18 years and it is still my passion in this field. Your Mojo hair salon specializes in Afro and curly hair treatments, among other barber and hair salon services.

My clients' hair types vary from loose waves to thick afro.

How did you become interested in curly hair and curly hair care?

I myself have afro hair, so my interest in hair care started at a very young age, maybe around 8-9 years old.

Do your customers' different hair types need different treatments?

Yes, it is important to learn to "listen" to your hair's needs.

The aim is to constantly add moisture to curly hair/afro hair and to lock moisture into the hair using different products.
Straight hair, on the other hand, gets greasy and you always try to add volume to it.

Could your client have natural curls without her knowing?

Oh, especially when the hair is very soft and combed straight when wet.

Your best curly tips for moms and dads with curly-haired kids?

Invest in good products and ask the professionals for hair care advice.

How do you use our products in your work?

I use Sumilay's products in my work every day and I work as a retailer.

How do you get hair care?

I can get hair care from

"In addition to barber hairdressing services, we specialize in treating afro hair and naturally curly hair.

For well-being services, you can get from us e.g. emotional reflexology, modern reflexology, energy treatments and guided meditation."

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