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The best tips for using the gel!

Sumilayi Frizz Control Curly Gel

Sumilayi Frizz Control Curly Gel is a vegan and protein-free gel for styling with a balanced medium hold. It tames frizz and sets flying and fluttering hair. Frizz Control Curly Gel is suitable (despite its name ;) ) for both curly and straight hair. It is excellent for all hair types.

The word "gel" should not scare you, because this is far from traditional glue-like gels. Sumilayi gel is a soft, translucent white, lovely-smelling substance whose moisturizing ingredients you can even feel on your hands.

The gel brings a gentle but firm hold and durability to your curls, while smoothing the surface of your hair from frizz. Flaxseed extract fatty acids and natural vitamin E help keep your curls moisturized and shiny.

Gel is often used on wet or towel-dried hair as the last step in a hair care routine. Here's a simple way to use the gel:

First rub the gel evenly on your palms, then spread it evenly on your damp hair. Gently squeeze your curls. Let your hair air dry or use a diffuser to help.

For straight hair, the gel works excellently as a frizz tamer, spread the gel evenly on damp hair and blow-dry the hair through. You will notice how your hair is silkier than normal!

Below are three different ways to bring out your curls with gel!

1. Finger dexterity. When your hair is still properly damp, you have time to use your fingers to help create the curl. This technique is called "finger coiling". Apply the gel evenly throughout the hair or one section at a time when working on a certain section of your hair. Twist the section of hair around your finger, wait a moment before gently releasing the curl from around your finger. It is good to use this technique also only on part of your hair, for example on parts that do not naturally curl as easily as the rest of your hair. Please note that this technique is only useful when the hair is still damp.

2. Freeze with gel. In the middle of the day, it can happen that the curls seem to lose their shape. You can give your curls body when you mix a small amount of gel with water and squeeze the gel into your curls. You can do this with your hands or with a spray bottle. Please note, however, that water mixtures should only be used once at a time to guarantee its shelf life.

3. Volume with the head down. Use this technique when your hair is still really wet. Throw your hair in front of your face. Apply a small amount of leave-in conditioner, brush the product evenly through your hair. Let it absorb properly, then do the same with the gel. Hold your hair in a cup-like position with your hands. Lift your head slowly and start to comb your hair back, constantly squeezing. Once the hair is back in place, air dry or blow dry with a diffuser.

The crust or "cast" caused by the gel in your hair.

Often, the gel causes a hard crust on the surface of your hair, the crust keeps the curls in place, clarifying its shape. However, it is not intended to leave the skin, but break it with a small amount of oil. Apply a very small amount of eg Ooh So Soft Curls Oil Treatment evenly to your hands. Gently rub the oil into your curls. This breaks the hard shell and the end result is a soft and shiny looking, bouncy curl.

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