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Dive into the Curly Girl Method Part 1

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Mariia blogs on Sumilayi's blog about curly hair methods, care, products and experiences, sharing her best tips.
The Curly Girl method

Two-year-old Curly Girl

Let's start from the beginning. I am Mariia: mother of adult sons, messenger of well-being who has worked as an entrepreneur for almost 20 years, spouse of my beloved husband, vegan "mistress" of Ruusula, green piper who pops everything green, barefooter who loves Lapland and Curly Girl.

However, the most important thing for you is my curly journey and I will write about it here on Sumilayi's blog.

Two years ago, in February 2019, I ran into my friend at the fair and pretty quickly my eyes were drawn to her hair and I couldn't help but ask what the hell had happened to it. In response, I got something about something methodical and a promise of a link to a group where I could find out more. Interesting! After all, I had been struggling with my naturally flexible hair for years and at times I was ready to shave my head bald to get rid of my annoying frizzy hair. The straightener had given up in front of my hair years ago and the high humidity percentage of the outdoor or indoor air was, in my curls' opinion, mainly a way to avenge the hours I had spent in front of the mirror trying to get my tresses in some kind of order.

The excited tingling that you too must have felt at something new and exciting made me immediately join the Facebook group linked by my friend (Curly Girl-Finland, I recommend!) and I felt pretty quickly how the sky opened up and the bells started ringing! "What did I just find?? Do I really have any hope of getting my hair in shape and even real curls?!”

An unimaginably fast chain of events began to take me deeper into the Curly Girl method, with which I could most obviously make my hair stronger and thereby transform my hair into curls, which I guess they were in some other dimension. Unbelievable, but based on the pictures of the group and the internet, there was no reason not to believe.

The Curly Girl method had landed in Finland a few years before, why hadn't I heard anything about it!? I found out that it was a method developed by hairdresser Lorraine Massey in the United States in the early 2000s to treat naturally curly hair. Especially the African-American (not the only) type of hair is rough and strongly curly, but Western culture has not favored this type of hair but straight, straightened and silky smooth, so countless people with curly hair lived (and still live) trying to cover their natural hair in every way.

Sulfates, products that relax the hair structure, alcohol, silicones, straightening irons, devices and substances in the dark to hide what each one really is, but also to dry naturally drier natural hair quality so that the vicious cycle is complete: you need more substances and routines to get your hair "in order." However, I already say at this point, and I will probably say in many other texts as well, that the Curly Girl method is not a simsalabim thing, where even the smallest waves of everyone, after a while, wave in the wind like a huge healthy cloud of curls. The method is a return to (hair) roots, it is valuing and respecting your own hair type and treating it gently. The fact that you can get better waves or tighter curls as a result is a bonus of how and how much you take care of your hair. A great bonus, yes, and quite a miracle in itself. Already at the beginning or at any point in your journey, you can choose whether you want to focus only on improving the condition of your hair by moisturizing it, or in addition do more and help the waves and curls of your recovering hair to be what they are in the best possible way, i.e. also use more or less styling products.

Let's continue! I made information about the face group after collecting a shopping list and a small dictionary on a piece of paper.

Products that Mariia used to start her Curly Girl method

Pictured from left to right: Urtekram sulfate-free shampoo , which I used for a really long time in the beginning. (Contains protein). Organic shop conditioner , which I also used several bottles as the only conditioner. Urtekram coconut cream. It didn't work for me and I didn't use it. Urtekram, clarifying hair spray for children. I used it but didn't notice anything because I realized later that my hair was actually healthy from the beginning and not tangled. Wella Eimi shaping foam . Sometimes I used it under the gel as an addition. Turned up the volume. The XZ energizing treatment cream was not used, as was Urtekram's spray, and for the same reason. Organic shop hair mask . This one was not my favorite, but another one from the same series was. It is still regularly used.

The vocabulary was strange and my head was spinning, but there was so much enthusiasm that I had to go shopping. After some detective work, I grabbed products classified as suitable from the shops (picture above) and I was able to start. Washing with a new kind of shampoo that stripped the hair of various remnants of old habits. After that, washing with conditioner (yup, you read that right), spray, shaping foam, gel and everything else to continue. Finally, tie a t-shirt around your hair. After hours and hours of waiting for it to dry tadaa!! Unbelievable but true, something had already happened to my hair as a result of the first steps. Cheers to my friend right away, and so we continued the curling journey together.

Before the method

The very beginning went well - I thought - except that it didn't. I thought I got there easily, but after a while it hit me: GO!! Hair looked and felt horrible. As if there was a mixture of fat and potato flour on the head, hii yök. I researched and read more and found out that it was not at all strange to be a cow head for the first few weeks, maybe even longer. Hey, I don't agree! I delved deeper into things and found information about the porosity of the hair and how the hair can behave differently just because of that. I learned that for low-pore hair, which mine seemed to have at the time, a sulfate-free mild shampoo before the conditioner can work better than washing with conditioner, so I used it and from then on I was able to enjoy shiny hair where the curls gradually became curlier and curlier.

Let's take a moment back. What is used and what is not?

I'll open it up.

It is omitted in the method
  • Sulfates (those foaming agents)
  • Certain drying alcohols (you definitely don't want dry hair)
  • Waxes (disgustingly layered)
  • Hairspray (horrible amount of drying alcohol)
  • Silicones (shine and combability but at what cost)
  • Synthetic hair dyes (drying)
  • Tight brushes and combs (hey, if you have any kind of flexibility, you know what they do)
  • Hair dryers that blow heat (whoops, my curls are shaking these days just thinking about it)
  • Straightening iron (at worst hours of work using hot, not good)
  • Terry towel (absorbs moisture too effectively)
  • Cotton pillowcase (rubs your hair beautifully to make it fluffy)

The hair care products that you may be used to are like a double-edged sword, they take something away from your hair, but as if by magic, in the next moment they make them shine like the sun and feel silky smooth. I saw this with "all my friends", but if you have naturally flexible hair, your hair is naturally drier and those products do anything but good. In the long run, you may have had the same thing happen to me, by chance, sometimes a good hair day, but mostly in the winter it's electric and limp, in the summer it's fluffy fluff that goes wild from the humidity. Totally out of control anyway.

By leaving the products containing the substances listed above out of your routine, by changing the pillowcase to a satin one and the hair towel to a microfiber or t-shirt (anti-fluff!), dense brushes and combs to sparse and gentle ones (if at all), dryers that blow dry even the eyeballs to gentle diffuser dryers that blow cool, you are already a professional ! At least this is the case in practice, the reality is perhaps a little different and learning takes time.

After a shampoo suitable for the method

You may experience the first "where have I got my head" moment when you look at the back texts of your product selection in your bathroom. Despair can creep into your mind when you just happen to find a bottle that doesn't contain prohibited ingredients. And hey, what are all those forbidden things, a freezing sea of ​​ingredients that you can't even read, let alone understand what's good and what's bad. Another place of anxiety can be reading online articles, joining Facebook groups and other social media pages and publications on the subject just because before you get to the bottom of it, additional information can be a pain. The third feeling of strangulation is perhaps when you wonder when you will do everything required, find the right products and learn how to use them. I understand your pain and I can assure you that you are not alone. Fortunately, there are people who already understand us, with all kinds of curls, waves, ethnicities, languages, and attempts, mistakes, and successes. You will get through a lot of things more easily if you start the background work before you start. You know what I'm talking about if you didn't.

Now you can wipe the sweat cranberries for your part anyway, you won't lose everything old (and you can learn everything new) and even if it feels like that, I'll tell you what will replace it next.

By following the method, you can get (disclaimer; many of these only come true after the homework!)
  • Products for your use that lack many ingredients that stress and dry the hair and scalp
  • At its best, wonderful simplicity and relaxation for hair care (ah, so true!)
  • Your self back (i.e. the one who was hidden under the fleece, fluff, hemp, sackcloth and/or straightened hair)
  • Comparative support
  • Friends
  • Shiny, healthy waves or curls
  • Very likely a new attitude towards yourself and your hair
  • With little effort, a natural approach to hair care if you so desire
  • New words for your vocabulary at Roppakaupa (a brain teaser is never a bad thing) and nice accessories for your hair routine
Important (😉😃)

If you're also like many other Curly Girls, you get the so-called cg fever, when the grass always feels greener in the next and the next in a brick-and-mortar or online store where you can find products suitable for the method

As an after-disease of fever, there is also a chronic lightening of the wallet due to the previous one

You are responsible for these yourself. As you know, there is no actual support group around the issue (yet).

I have traveled my own two-year curly journey with curiosity and a good mood. I made it through my initial stage with ease (after that little bit of an episode, and the positive changes in my hair gave me a huge push forward. Although I'm a data collector who learns about things by nature, my own hair has been the best teacher since I've had the patience to stop by it every time someone has started to go crazy. I recommend the same to you. Read about curls, follow inspiring "sisters" (and brothers), listen to them, but above all, then turn your eyes firmly to your own head and create a relationship with your hair. It sounds funny, but it's worth it! And if you decide to take just a few things from the method use for yourself and continue straightening, dyeing, etc. regularly or less regularly and no one will judge you for that. At least not me.

In my future texts, however, I will share things related to the method, so not the "over there" stuff. I will focus on the beginning of the method, vocabulary, etc. in more detail in the next post, stay tuned.

Wonderful day!


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Minna Nylund
Minna Nylund

Kiitos Meriia!
Selkeää, ymmärrystä lisäävää tekstiä👍

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