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Washing day


Read the easy washing day instructions below. You will learn how to take care of your hair to bring out a highlighted and shapely curl. The instructions are suitable for both wavy and curly hair.

The products you need:

Ooh So Soft Curls Shampoo
Ooh So Soft Curls Conditioner
Sumilayi Leave-in
Frizz Control Curly Gel
Bamboo & Broccoli Protection and Shine oil

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Hair clarification

You can detangle the hair either dry before washing, or, for example, wet with a conditioner. The best method depends on your hair quality. Try what suits you best.

8 washing day steps to beautiful curls:

1. Shampoo washing

When shampooing, the most important thing is to get the scalp clean. Apply the shampoo to the wet scalp with the tapered dosing cap. You can use a massage brush to lather the shampoo; You can conveniently massage your scalp clean while refreshing and relaxing it.

Most of the time, the hair itself does not need to be washed separately, it is enough for the shampoo to run off along the hair when rinsing. If you feel that your hair is very greasy or otherwise dirty, you can of course wash the lengths of your hair directly.

The more grease, oils or dirt there is on the head and hair, the less the shampoo foams. If the shampoo does not foam or only foams a little during the first wash, you can wash a second round.

2. Use of conditioner

Using the treatment is simple. Apply it to the entire length of the hair, from root to tip. You can brush your hair to spread the conditioner evenly. Leave it on for a few minutes and rinse off with cool water. Squeeze out the draining water with a towel.

3. Adding a leave-in conditioner

Apply an appropriate amount of leave-in conditioner to the hair, combing it with your fingers. If you have a lot of hair, you can use a few bobby pins or clips to lift the hair to the top of your head to apply it systematically in sections.

What is the appropriate amount of conditioner to leave in the hair?

The first rule of the right amount is: Don't use too much. However, the amount can vary from a pea-sized lump to half a deciliter.

  • Thin wavy hair needs very little leave-in conditioner, otherwise it tends to be too heavy and therefore greasy-looking.
    • You can use the leave-in conditioner targeted, for example, on the ends to combat split hairs.
    • The purpose is to combat dry, electrifying hair, which causes the curls to form into clumps.

  • If you have a lot of hair , it may be that you need more leave-in conditioner, so that the hair does not remain partially dry.
    • Use the product so that the hair feels moist. So there is no need to limit the use to just a pea-sized amount.

  • The tighter and stronger the curl , the more the structure can carry moisture, conditioners and oils neatly. For tight and strong curls, focus on removing dryness. For example, you can use a leave-in conditioner for 4c afro curls almost unlimitedly without worrying about the hair falling out.

    4. Separation of curls (= separation of clumps)

    Good to know about curly hair

    As you can see in the image below, curls and waves are formed from clumps of hair where a bunch of wet hairs stick to each other and curl together into a shape. Such a group of hair can also be called a clump (eng. curl clump).

    When drying, the bunch gains airiness and size (picture below). It is important not to comb or rake the grapes when they are dry. Then it separates the hair from the formation into individual flying hairs. Of course, airiness can be added to the finished, already dried curls, and the text contains more information on suitable techniques later on.

    Curl separation technique

    Separate wet hair after adding leave-in conditioner.

    When wet hair is lifted, squeezed and shaken, it seems to separate itself into clumps. When you see the lumps forming, you can use your fingers to lift them apart even more clearly.

    Some people like to do this step with the head down, allowing all the hair to hang and stand out in clear clumps all the way to the top of the head.

    5. Adding the gel

    Add the gel to the hair after separating the curls. Apply the gel first to your hands and then brush, lift and press through the hair. Do not brush or rub the gel into the hair, so that the clumps do not open/disintegrate. In the picture below, you can see a model of squeezing that does not break up the clumps.

    6. Drying

    At this stage, the towel is no longer used lazily.

    You can let the hair dry on its own. The shape of the curl/wave is accentuated as the hair dries.

    Another option for drying is to use a hair dryer with a diffuser. When using the dryer and diffuser, let the hair hang down and lift it with the diffuser while blowing warm air. Lifting appropriately compresses the curve of the curl tighter and dries the shape more accentuated.

    In the picture below, you can see how the clump is thicker after drying.

    7. Adding shine and airiness

    Oil gives your hair extra shine. Use an appropriate amount of oil. As was advised above for the leave-in conditioner, the amount depends entirely on how much your hair's structure can handle the oils without drying out.

    It may be that you don't want oil in your hair at all, if the airiness of your hair suffers sensitively. A few drops can give you the shine you want. For tight curls, you can add considerably more oil.

    Apply oil to your palms and press it into your hair without combing.

    You can increase airiness by pressing and lifting the hair, but not combing. You can use the head upside down and shake the hair from the roots, but do not comb or comb.

    8. Enjoying the end result

    Your hair is for you, but it can also make your surroundings happy. A fluffy head can be very cute and you as a whole define the attractiveness of each style. With the technique we present, you get highlighted curls whose shapes the eye can sink into. Enjoy yourself just the way you are!