Olet kaunis sellaisena kuin olet

You are beautiful just the way you are

Let your beauty shine!

Below are two pictures. The woman in the first picture has fluffy "curls", the woman in the second picture has well-shaped curls. And how beautiful they both are!

In both pictures, the people represent their own beauty and the beauty of the moment where they are.

Our products enable the clearly shaped hair of the latter picture. Fluffy hair also needs to be taken care of and straightened from time to time, and our products are excellent for that.

Shaggy, frizzy, fluffy or even "curly" are styles that you can boldly bring out as part of your ensemble. And this is not a new thing: after all, the tufting technique has existed for ages.

At Sumilay, we talk a lot about beautiful, clear and shapely curls and waves. That's because our products have been developed to achieve them. Our products make it easier to get rid of tangles, moisturize and strengthen the hair, and bring out curly corkscrews and beautiful waves depending on the hair type.

We enjoy immensely when we see a fluffy natural curl nicely represented. Let your confidence shine and feel free to experiment with all kinds of styles. Whether you have clear curls or a charming head of fluff, when it's time to sort out or take care of your hair, you can do it easily with our products:)

Wishing you the best in enjoying your own beauty,

The Sumilayi Team