Active Care sarjan tuotteet sopivat aktiiviselle urheilijalle

"This series is very good especially for athletes"

Active Care customer experience
Our customer posted the photos below on Instagram (permission to share):

"Very good for an athlete"

We talked more with our customer, and this is what he commented:

"Active Care has been 10/10 for my hair! Silky soft hair 😍 This series is very good especially for athletes! You have to wash your hair often and it doesn't dry out at all! The combo of leave-in spray and leave-in conditioner is the best for you."

Sumilayi Active Care is designed for everyone who wants to maintain the glow of their hair in every situation. The products of the series are suitable for daily use and at the same time take care of the well-being of the hair in the long term.

"A great set, I returned to the CG method after a break of years and with these the curls started to come alive after the first wash. The clarifying spray works in an instant! All the products in the set work on my fine and thin hair. No complaints, just good :)"

- Riga