A classic multi-purpose brush
For styling and detangling hair, 9 rows of spikes
For all hair sizes and types
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Suomi Sumilayi Plant-Powered Hair Care

Denman D4 The Original Styler 9

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Sumilay now has Denman's D4 The Original Styler 9 brush in its selection

  • The brush has rounded bristles designed for styling, detangling, separating curls and smoothing hair.
How to use?

Large size: the brush has 9 rows of spikes, which can be adjusted if necessary
remove. In this way, the brush will be thinner and suitable for you
for your curl type.

Perfect for the Curly Girl method.

The unique tear-drop handle brings comfort and balance thanks to its longer and rounded shape.

The brush is very heat resistant. Suitable for all hair sizes and types.

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Denman D4 The Original Styler 9 - Sumilayi Suomi

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frequently asked

How ecological are Sumilayi products?

The raw materials of our products are 90-100% of natural origin. 2-10% of the product contains preservatives to guarantee the preservation of the product.

How long do Sumilayi products last?

12-24 months after opening the product packaging. You can find the information on the label of your product.

Are Sumilay's products suitable for children?

Our product is over registered
For 3 year olds to use and is perfect for children's hair
to take care of. My Beautiful Zen Curls Shampoo is registered under
for 3-year-olds. It is fragrance free and made with sensitive scalp in mind.
However, we always recommend using all new ones
cosmetic products (including natural cosmetics) only on a small area at first, in order to limit the possibility of allergy.

Where are Sumilayi products made?

We make our products in Helsinki, Finland. However, we are an international company and we want to be accepted
connection, no matter where you live in the world!

Are Sumilayi products also suitable for straight hair?

Yes. All our products are made according to the curling method. The curling method is a hair care technique designed especially for the treatment of curls and waves. The method emphasizes moisturizing the hair, gentle processing and avoiding sulfates, silicones and drying alcohols. The goal is to strengthen the natural structure of the curls and maintain the hair's moisture balance.

Although products according to the curl method are aimed at curly hair, they are also suitable for straight hair:

1. Moisturizing: Since the curl method focuses on moisturizing, these products are also excellent for straight hair that needs extra moisture.

2. Gentleness: Our products do not contain raw materials that can damage the hair structure. This makes them also suitable for more sensitive hair types.

3. Frizz control: Our products help smooth the surface of the hair and control frizz.

So Sumilay's products offer versatile benefits for different hair types, supporting the hair's natural beauty.

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